Lucy Spraggan and team up for Mental Health Awareness Week

Lucy Spraggan and have partnered for Mental Health Awareness week, launching a campaign within the app that aims to reach out to young people that could be going through a rough time or feeling low, but might not be keen on asking for help.

The campaign uses a clip from Dear You, a beautiful but heartbreaking song from Lucy’s new album, and encourages users to send virtual hugs to friends and family members that could be in need of some cheering up. Lucy will also perform a live session on platform for live streaming,, this week, as part of the #DearYou campaign.

Here’s the full #DearYou challenge description, running this week from Lucy’s @lspraggan:

In recognition of the start of Mental Health Week, Lucy Spraggan’s single, “Dear You,” is a song about how mental health can impact anyone. Whether you are the person suffering or you are a friend or family of someone who isn’t well–the most important thing to remember is that if you are in either of those situations or something similar, it’s time to reach out.

Make a or a duet with a friend or an acquaintance and give each other a friendly hug (or virtual hug!). Let’s have everybody know that there is always someone who cares for you during your darkest times. Best videos will be given a shout out from Lucy Spraggan and win tickets PLUS meet and greets to her Autumn UK show!

IMG_0292.PNG is a extremely popular app with over 200 million users worldwide, that allows its ‘musers’ to select snippets of popular songs and record themselves singing, lip-syncing or dancing to them. Musers upload over 15 million videos to the app (that can also be shared in other social platforms) every day.

Lucy Spraggan released her 4th album, I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing, in July 2016, via CTRL Records / Red Essential. She jumped to fame in 2012 when she participated in The X Factor, and has since released 4 successful albums. Lucy has struggled with depression herself, and she’s extremely supportive towards mental health issues, with regular TV, press and radio appearances to increase awareness about the subject.

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