Devil Sold His Soul Announce 10th Anniversary Record Store Day Exclusive


There aren’t many bands who embody the spirit of independence like Devil Sold His Soul – since 2004 they’ve been forging their own way through the underground, ignoring trends & continuously developing their unique sound, pushing their music beyond the conventional idea of what is possible within “heavy music.” Self-producing nearly all of their output at guitarist Jonny Renshaw’s own Bandit Studios, they’ve earned that special place in the hearts of a fanbase who have stuck with them throughout the years.
The debut full-length album “A Fragile Hope” turns 10 years old in 2017 – it’s an album which sent waves through the heavy music world upon first release, and in February the band announced four special UK shows at which they will perform the album in its entirety with both original vocalist Ed Gibbs, and current singer Paul Green (also of the Arusha Accord). The tour looks set to sell out – with London already having been upgraded to a bigger venue to meet demand.

To celebrate this, the band have teamed up with their like-minded trailblazing partners Basick Records to release a beautiful Record Store Day 2017 exclusive double gatefold vinyl edition of the album  pressed on 140g splatter vinyl in colours to complement the original iconic Paul Jackson artwork, limited to just 500 copies.

The band have long been fans & supporters of independent record shops; Paul Green has fond memories of his local; “I think the first record I bought was The Great Escape by Blur, from Sound machine in Reading. That place was my go to for everything and introduced me to tonnes of bands I didn’t know, it expanded my collection from indie then skate punk such as the Fat Wreck Chords bands & eventually metal” 

Jonny Renshaw on getting Pantera’s I’m Broken CD single “It was from a shop in Northwich. It was actually my mum that bought it and she got a Michael Jackson record at the same time. The person on the till gave her an odd look for that combo!”

Being musical obsessives, they’ve naturally gravitated towards vinyl, with Basick releasing their 2014 EP Belong ╪ Betray on white wax, “I think the sound of vinyl has always been my main draw” says Paul, who also has a keen understanding of the aesthetic of these as physical artworks, having spent time running Wood And Cloud, producing limited edition prints from artists including Dan Mumford & Paul Jackson,  “…who doesn’t love a well packaged item? …That’s also why the DSHS vinyl will be something special, it means a lot to people to feel that more has gone into it than just an email to say ‘press some vinyl’. We’ve worked hard on these editions…”
On vinyl’s current rise “…Everything went through a complete swing to digital and people suddenly woke up and said ‘hey I actually love awesome things’ they didn’t just want that invisible digital song, but a product. vinyl is art as much as the music on it – people will still listen to digital because it’s so easy with life being as crazy as it is. But people still need and want cool stuff thankfully, and they want music to sound the way it should and hold the product that took so long to produce.”

The sense of permanence that comes with owning a great record connects with Jonny  “I have the whole Envy collection box set. That is a very special thing. I have a fair few vinyls of The National which I love too. Other than that I hate to be self-indulgent but I love all the vinyl I get from bands I have recorded. So nice to get a final product like that to keep and listen to… I’ll get records that I think will benefit from being on vinyl and also classics/favourites of mine just because its nice to have. The best part of vinyl for me is that it’s a different listening experience. Not only from an audio point of view but more so that you sit down and listen through the whole thing. Not sitting at a mac listening through shitty speakers flicking between songs non stop (which I also do). It’s a much better experience in my opinion.”

Devil Sold His Soul #afh10
14/4/17 Glasgow ABC2
15/4/17 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
21/1/17 Bristol Thekla
29/4/17 London Tuffnell Park Dome

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