Come See Our Artists at SXSW 2017!

SXSW is fast approaching and we’re excited to have so many of our incredible artists performing this year!

The annual event is held in Austin, TX (US), this year on the 10th – 19th March and is filled with interactive, film, and music conferences, panels and festivals. Fostering creative and professional growth alike.

Below is a list of all our artists that will be performing at SXSW, if you’re around make sure you head down to check them out:

Tkay Maidza 14th Bar 96, Rainy St 23:00
Frisco 14th The Main II 21:25
Mt. Wolf 15th Javelina 01:00
Half Waif 15th Valhalla 23:00
Chad Valley 15th Valhalla 00:45
Buttertones 15th Wolfshield Ranch 17:00
The Molochs 15th Barracuda 21:00
Nick Waterhouse 15th Container Bar 22:00
John Paul White 15th Weather Up 19:00
Single Lock showcase 15th Weather Up 10:00 – 20:00
Gabriel Garzon Montano 15th Elysium 20:00
Dove & The Wolf 15th Hotel San Jose 14:00
Adam Torres 15th The Blackheart, Noisetrade 15:30
Bash & Pop 15th Hotel Vegas, Official SXSW Showcase 20:00
Hoops 15th Space 24 Twenty, Urban Outfitters SXSW 12:00
Hoops 15th FADER Fort 15:00
Temples 15th The Convention Center, KCRW 17:00
Temples 15th Mohawk Outdoor, House of Vans 20:15
HECK 16th BD Riley’s 21:00
The Molochs 16th Blackheart 14:20
Nick Waterhouse 16th Clive Bar 22:00
Tkay Maidza 16th The Gatsby 20:30
Colter Wall 16th 220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 14:00
Whitney Rose 16th 220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 14:50
Jason Eady 16th 220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 15:40
Blank Range 16th 220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 16:30
The Steel Woods 16th 220 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704 17:20
Mass Appeal Presents Live At The BBQ 16th Stubbs 19:30 – 01:00
Frisco 16th Scratch House Backyard 01:10
G Perico 16th 512 Rooftop 00:30
The Districts 16th The Parish, Paradigm Showcase 00:00
Hoops 16th The Sidewinder, Noise Pop SXSW 13:00
Hoops 16th Beerland,Third Man Records SXSW 23:00
Temples 16th Four Season, KUTX 10:00
Temples 16th Cedar St. Courtyard 16:00
Temples 16th Hotel San Jose 19:00
Mt Wolf 17th The Main II 23:00
White Denim 17th Stubb’s  TBC
Lewis Watson 17th St David’s Bethell Hall 22:00
Buttertones 17th The Love Goat TBC
Tkay Maidza 17th Bangers 21:00
Sunny Sweeney 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 20:00
Blank Range 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 21:00
Elliot Root 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 22:00
David Ramirez 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 23:00
Paul Cauthen 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 00:00
The Weeks 17th Maggie Mae’s Rooftop 01:00
Gabriel Garzon Montano 17th Lucille 00:00
Karriem Riggins 17th Container Bar TBC
Giraffe Tongue Orchestra 17th THE SUNSET ROOM: 310 E Third street, Austin, TX 78701 Tel: (512) 377-1120 21:00
Primitive Weapons 17th THE SUNSET ROOM: 310 E Third street, Austin, TX 78701 Tel: (512) 377-1120 20:15
The Districts 17th Cedar Street Courtyard, Floodfest Paradigm Showcase 15:30
The Districts 17th AGBG, Day Trip 17:40
Adam Torres 17th Whole Foods, Quantum Collective Southwest Invasion 14:30
Adam Torres 17th Lambert’s, Official SXSW Showcase 20:00
Gold Connections 17th 1102 East Cesar Chavez St., Rachael Ray’s Feedback House 18:00
Hoops 17th Weather Up, Wild Honey Pie 13:00
Hoops 17th Mohawk, Laneway Festival 15:00
Hoops 17th Cheer Up Charlie’s, AdHoc SXSW 22:00
HECK 18th Elysium 23:00
The Molochs 18th Hotel Vegas 14:00
The Molochs 18th Cheer Up Charlie’s 22:00
Stones Throw Night – Peanut Butter Wolf / MNDSGN / Gabriel Garzon Montano etc 18th The Main  TBC
Dove & The Wolf 18th Madewell 20:00
The Districts 18th Stubb’s Outside, Rachael Ray’s Feedback 13:30
Gold Connections 18th Barracuda, NME SXSW Showcase 23:20

To see full show listings and find out more about SXSW visit their official website!

Keep up to date with all our gigs by taking a look at our gig guide.

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