YouTube Launches New ‘Super Chat’ Feature


YouTube is the largest video streaming platform with over 3 billions hours of video being watched each month, many of which are monetised views. YouTube has just announced the roll out of a brand new feature ‘Super Chat’ which will enable creators to monetise their content whilst streaming live video.

Much like other live streaming competitors including Facebook live and Instagram Live Stories, the content is not monetised and the comment space is spammed by thousands of messages.

With ‘Super Chat’ however, fans are able to pay real money to sponsor their comments on the live video and have them pinned to the top of the comment section for a limited amount of time. This allows for the creator to earn revenue on their live content but also for the fan to be recognised and develop a personal interaction with the YouTuber.

nexus2cee_youtubesuperchatheroSuper Chats stand out from other messages in two ways:

  • Your Super Chat is highlighted with a color.
  • Your Super Chat stays pinned in the ticker for a set period of time, depending on the amount selected.

The amount of money spent on sending a Super Chat will determine the duration the comment will stay pinned in the ticker and the maximum message length.

Find out more about YouTube’s Super Chat here.

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