Instagram Introduces Live Video and Disappearing Content!


Earlier this week photo sharing platform Instagram offered another great update to its users by introducing Live Video and Disappearing Content to all users on IOS and Android devices.

As seen on social media giant Facebook, live videos have been incredible successful for promoting content, particularly for artists as it allows them to fully connect with their fans on a more personal level and drive higher engagement. As Instagram lives comfortably under Facebook’s umbrella, it only seems right that this feature was rolled out onto this platform too, to satisfy the needs of each user on their desired platform.

Much like it’s competitor of Live Video, Periscope, users are now also able to interact with the video as it’s streaming and add comments and likes. Each live video can be filmed for up to an hour, but cannot be reposted after broadcast, unlike Facebook.

Instagram also took a leaf out of Snapchat’s book and introduced Disappearing Content to be used as part of their Instagram Stories feature, which was also launched fairly recently. Users can now send photos or videos privately to select users or groups. Once the content has been viewed by the receiving user, it then disappears and cannot be seen again.

The images or videos will appear in the user’s ‘Direct Messaging‘ section where users can communicate via instant messaging and have the ability to tag other users in posts on their feed privately.

To read more about the new features on Instagram, visit their official blog site.

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