Spotify Introduces New ‘Daily Mix’ Playlists


Music streaming giant Spotify announced earlier in the week of a new algorithmic playlist feature called Daily Mix, which will give users up to six different customised playlists based on their listening habits.

The playlists are categorised by genre and updated daily. Although similar to Discover Weekly, Spotify sees ‘Daily Mix’ as a step forward in customised curation, as it will include tracks you already listen to, as well as songs that are new to you. It will be updated more frequently and organised more cleanly. 

“With Daily Mix, we wanted to find a way to take the work out of playing and organising daily listening. By offering consistently refreshed playlists of your favourite music with near-endless playback, you can hopefully spend less time maintaining playlists and more time enjoying the music that you love”. 

The ‘Your Daily Mix’ playlists will sit in ‘Your Library’ in the latest version of Spotify apps on Android and iOS and is available globally to all free and premium users. The new feature is set to roll out to additional platforms soon.  

The new features include:

  • Up to 6 Different playlists constantly updated based on your listening habbits
  • Sits within “Your Library” section of the Spotify app
  • Divided by Genre, with a seemingly equal mix of your top artists + similar artists, both new release and older content.
  • Functions similar to radio, but the queue is automatically compiled, you can start wherever you want, and you don’t have to choose a specific artists to get started.  
  • Features “near endless playback” of refreshed tracks as you listen
  • Algorithm responds to your feedback on a track:  “heart” (adds to your collection) or “ban” (prevents it from coming up again).
  • Track order may shuffle every day, the data that selects the songs will be updated on a weekly basis.

    Read more about the newest Spotify feature here

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