Spotify and Merchbar partner up!


Music streaming giant Spotify announced earlier this week that is has joined forces with Merchbar in a new partnership for complete retail integration of products such as merchandise and concert tickets onto the streaming platform for users and artists.

Merchbar is a US based company and official merchandise partner for over 35,000 artists including The Beatles, AC/DC, Justin Bieber and Cheap Trick. Merchbar aims to bring artists and fans closer together through product exposure and to ultimately increase discovery and improve shopping experiences for fans.

The company thrives on features such as “personalised merch alerts, optimised mobile browsing and a mobile app that’s rated 4.5 stars and been featured by Apple over 30 times have allowed Merchbar to become the destination millions of fans turn to when they’re looking for merchandise from their favourite artists.”

The partnership between Spotify and current merchandise provider BandPage is set to end later next month after video streaming platform YouTube owned by Google acquired BandPage in February earlier this year to aid musicians gain further discovery and bring fans closer to their favourite artists.

To find out more visit the Merchbar Blog!

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