Facebook Messenger New Updates!


Facebook Messenger is becoming an increasingly popular point of interaction on social media with around 900 million people using the instant messaging service every month! Not only for friends to keep in contact but also for businesses to provide quick and efficient customer service through instant messaging, making sure to reach their clients on a more personal level.

Facebook recently announced that it has made some further changes to its application in the past weeks, particularly improving their interface, thus moving more towardsย a standalone instant messaging application rather than a social media platform extension; much like Whatsapp.

One of the main features launched in this update is the ability to now see favourite contacts, see friend’s birthdays and view contacts that are online, making it easier to chat and stay in the loop. The first few most recent messages will be displayed at the top of the screen, so messages will not go unread.

Last month Facebook also announced the ability of video calling within messenger, essentially creating an all rounded app with nothing missing for dedicated users.

We are sure there is more to come from Facebook as they aim to make connecting with people and businesses as easy and enjoyable as possible.

For more information check out the Facebook News Room!

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