Spotify announces sponsorship for playlists!


Music streaming giant Spotify announced that brands will now be able to pay to sponsor playlists on the platform in the US, soon to arrive in the UK. This new venture has already been beta tested  with automaker KIA, promoting the New Music Friday playlist.

Spotify currently has over 400 self-owned, specially curated playlists ready to sell to advertisers willing to participate in the new team up of music and branding sponsorships. Some of the top playlists up for grabs at the moment seem to be those such as Rap Caviar with 3m followers, New Music Friday with 1.3m followers and Today’s Top Hits with 8m followers.

There are plenty of curated playlists available on the platform to fit the needs of a variety of different advertisers out there, from workout playlists for sport’s dedicated brands to travel playlists for transport brands to get on board with. This could be a great way for artists to gain recognition within these sponsored playlists after being associated with the brands.

Find out more about sponsored playlists on Spotify in their video below!

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