New YouTube Creator Updates!


YouTube are always working to find new ways to improve user experience and also allow for content creators to have more control of their videos and the fan filled communities that watch and subscribe. YouTube have rolled out two updates recently aimed at engaging more fans and ultimately increasing the user experience and social aspect of the platform. This is great even for content creators to really connect with their audience and provide fans with content that they really want to see and engage with!

Creator Communities are now open:
A new way to meet creators of all kinds, Creator Communities are a great place to get inspiration, learn from fellow creators and talk to us here at YouTube. It’s the smart way to get to know creators that might be just right for a collaboration.

Poll your audience:
Find out how your viewers feel using YouTube’s new poll cards. From getting your community’s opinion on your ideas to having them choose your next video, there’s never been an easier way to interact with your community of fans.

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