Rhapsody/Napster introduce the ‘Listener Network’

Music streaming service Rhapsody/Napster introduced the ‘Listener Network‘ earlier this week, allowing subscribers to share music with fellow friends and making music discovery more personal by finding matches based on listening history, available also on the IOS and Android app. The new Listener Network feature allows new music discovery to be easy, instant and sociable, creating a community around good music and keeping users loyal to the service.

Music discovery is one of the most important features for users that enables them toย engage with new content and find music they really love, making them want to return over and over again for new suggestions.

This has been seen already on popular streaming giantย Spotify with their endless specially curated genre playlists, updated frequently as well as their Discover Weekly addition, providing users personalised music suggestions tailored to their music listening history.

Features available on the new Listener Network:
– Trending Today
– Music From Listeners Like Me
– Top Charts
– Find Your Music Match
– Showcase Your Music Personality
– Publish Playlists and Follow Othersโ€™ Playlists

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