Facebook introduces scannable codes and usernames to Messenger app

unnamedFacebook is always looking for new ways to update and improve their platform for businesses, having now introduced scannable codes and usernames to make it easier to fans to connect directly with business through Facebook Messenger. The messenger app has been one of the most popular instant messaging services, raking in over 900 million users a month so it’s no wonder this has become an increasingly great platform for businesses to use as a marketing tool.


Users will now be able to scan these codes (similar to QR codes) directly from their devices and immediately open up a Messenger chat window with the desired company. This works as a great marketing opportunity for brands to place these codes on their promotional material and get fans to instantly gain access to a direct-to-business chat window using Business Messenger, another great instant messaging tool recently launched by the social media giant.

The usernames will be displayed using handles as seen already on Twitter and Instagram. This will be particularly beneficial in aiding the specific targeting and reach of users. Facebook users are now easily accessible through a unique username, rather than having to sift through the database hoping to find the right brand/person to contact.

Click here to read more about the new update to Facebook Messenger.


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