YouTube Set To Release Live Streaming App


Live streaming has become increasingly popular with apps such as Periscope, Snapchat and Meerkat taking the lead with an estimated 100 million users and broadcasts since their launches.

Social media platforms such as Facebook have also incorporated live streaming into their service, known as Facebook Live, allowing users to tune into live broadcasts instantly, which is great for events such as gigs, album announcements and festivals. Videos have accumulated over 100,000 per broadcast, proving a new direction in how video is served and viewed to online users.

Google recently announced that it is set to release a live streaming app through YouTube called YouTube Connect, providing viewers with shorter, on-the-go content, much like it’s current competitors. Currently YouTube already enables live event streaming through it’s online platform but by implementing a stand-alone application, it makes the ease of accessibility and sharing all the more engaging for users straight from their mobile devices. There will also be chat and tagging features as well as a news feed to showcase the latest clips from your friends or from channel subscribed to on YouTube.

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