BandPage has been acquired by YouTube!


YouTube has been a successful platform for transforming undiscovered talent into epic sales particularly for musicians. It has now been announced that the video streaming giant, owned by Google has acquired BandPage, the music start up platform that helps musicians manage their music, tour dates, photos, bio and videos across their entire online presence including Facebook, websites and blogs.

BandPage currently hosts over 500,000 successful artist pages from the likes of Rihanna to Paul McCartney. This is a great place for artists to hold all their information to be as personal and connected with fans and music lovers as much as possible. Now that they have teamed up with YouTube, musicians have the potential to reach their fans in more powerful ways than ever before.

The team at BandPage states “Our collective goal remains the same: to grow an open network of digital music services, develop intelligent new tools for managing/distributing artist content and commerce, and create new revenue opportunities for all musicians, on YouTube and beyond.”

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