Apple Music is now available to use on SONOS systems!


It was officially announced yesterday that Apple Music is now available to use on SONOS sound systems worldwide. Apple Music on SONOS had been apparently tested by listeners through a beta program that started in early December, however it has now been fully launched and accessible to all SONOS users.

Having launched in the summer last year, Apple Music currently has over 10 million subscribers and provides an impressive catalogue with over 30 million tracks.

Here at Essential Music & Marketing, we use SONOS to fill our office with our favourite music throughout the day by easily creating playlists and having the option to choose from great services such as Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud and now Apple Music as well.

“This partnership has been an excellent example of two companies that truly care about music coming together to deliver a great listening experience,” – John MacFarlane, Sonos chief executive officer.

To access Apple Music on the SONOS platform, first simply select “Add Music Services” from the SONOS controller app, scroll down to the Apple Music icon, and login using your Apple subscription details.

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