Snapchat and Instant Messaging Apps


Six in 10 people ages 13 to 35 in the US use Snapchat, but figures show that the number of users older than 35 years old is growing at the fastest pace since the app launched in 2011.

More mature users mean more disposable income, and advertisers are starting to consider Snapchat a key platform in their global marketing campaigns.

Marketing trends point at more personalised campaigns, where instant messaging will be the winning horse, and will allow brands to connect directly with their audience in a one-on-one basis: replying to queries, serving exclusive tracks and video to superfans, selling products (check out Snapcash to send and receive payments through Snapchat for example) and showing fans a more candid side of an artist.

Still not convinced about Instant Messaging? A new report by BI Intelligence states that IM Apps already have more users than Social Networking Apps.

Also, both Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp have a clean, leaner web browser app that could quickly become your communications hub if integrated, check them out here: Messenger /  WhatsApp

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