Spotify Introduces New ‘About Tab’

SpotifyA new feature has recently been introduced by Spotify on their artist pages, the About Tab. A place where fans and followers can view certain insights into their favourite artists within the streaming service.

Here is what is available to discover within the new About Tab:

  • Biographies with beautiful full screen image browsing
  • Monthly listeners
  • Global rank based on monthly listeners
  • Where people are discovering the artist, ranked by most popular playlists
  • Which cities the artist is most popular in

Spotify is slowly opening up more of their analytics and making them available for public knowledge. They started this by publishing the play count next to each track included in their service. With many accounts accumulating over 10 million followers, we can see that Spotify is trying to push for the understanding that streaming services are not just about the music listening feature but also the rapid growth of loyal fanbases.

Find out more about this new Spotify feature here.

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