New Skindred playlists! Pump up the volume!

12087936_966752223370295_3302110487413486162_oThe crossover metal band from Wales are back with their 6th studio album, Volume, out on October 30th. Expect their signature mix of Core, Dub, Reggae and Funk, in an album full of Nu-Metal style guitar shredding, grooving beats, dub and electro inserts, and of course featuring the vocal diversity of frontman Clive “Benji” Webbe (ex-Dub War).

The first single “Under Attack” should give you a taste of what the album sounds like… Listen on Spotify or download it straight away when you pre-order the album on iTunes.

Do you want to know what Skindred listen to when they are on tour? What about the bands that have influenced them? Go check out their playlists on Spotify: Influences, Tour Bus Classics, Skindred Recommends and of course a handy Collection of their own tunes. Make sure you follow Skindred to be up to date with their new releases and playlists.

We caught up with Skindred‘s Mikey Demus this week to hear how these playlists came up…

Hey Mikey! Good to speak to you, the Skindred Recommends playlist sounds ace! How do you find new bands these days?
Mainly through word of mouth still. I am constantly around people who say “have you checked this band out yet”, I also see a lot of new bands during the summer festival season. Don’t get me wrong, I see a ton of shit out there too but certain bands really turn your head and make you wanna track them down. I also use things like Shazam when I hear something catchy, BBC 6 Music is always turning me onto new stuff. Spotify Radio is great for hearing new music also.
Do you think that streaming is key in the discovery process?
Definitely, you have to take every medium and opportunity to get your music out there, whether you’re new or established. There will always be a place for Vinyl, it’s the ultimate format really. But the quick access of streaming keeps music flowing and helps musicians to have their finger on the pulse of what else is out there.
We love the Tour Bus Classics playlist, is there a song that for you guys works as a good luck charm before going on stage?
We’re normally in the venue immediately before the show – We have a whole changeover mix that we play every night out front, from the minute the support band finishes to when we walk on. It’s part of the show as far as we’re concerned. There’s 30 mins or so of music we think will help to hype the crowd, which culminates in ‘Thunderstruck’ by ACDC. We’ve been doing it for a couple years now, it hypes us all up like crazy! The few times we haven’t had changeover music for whatever reason always feels like a real drag, it’s an important part of the process!
Some of you choices on the Influences Playlist are unexpected, do you think that Skindred fans also have a broader music taste than other rock/metal fans?
I definitely think so. We get a real spread of people into our music, all sorts come to the shows. But the hardcore ‘Dred fans are more often than not pretty open minded. They’re into the different stuff and they’re not afraid to defend it! We don’t follow a clique or scene and we find a lot of our fans are the same. We love it!

Skindred‘s Volume is out on October 30th through Napalm Records, pre-order on Amazon / iTunes

Touring the UK in October / November –

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