The Story of Indie on BBC Four

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BBC Four celebrates the origin of Indie music and the rising of Independent labels in a three-part documentary; The Story of Indie.

This three-part documentary series, presented by BBC Radio 6 Music’s Mark Radcliffe, focuses on the evolution of alternative and independent music within the industry back in the 70s and how the rise of the independent record labels such as Rough Trade and 2 Tone Records aided the boom of indie music that arose in the 80s and has been one of the most popular genres ever since.

Presenter Mark Radcliffe says: “This is really a story that’s been waiting to be told. We’re always hearing about the seismic shifts the music business is undergoing, but in many ways, this was the first – when the egalitarian independent spirit of punk and DIY broke the stranglehold of the men in suits in the posh offices of the major labels in that there London, creating the soundtrack of our lives along the way.”

Alongside interviews with artists that helped curb the genre of indie/alternative, this series focuses on the influential music industry figures that participated in rise of indie music and labels primarily throughout the UK.
These include:
– Pete Waterman
– Peter Saville (Factory Records’ designer )
– Seymour Stein (Music Entrepreneur )
– Daniel Miller (music producer and Mute Records founder)
– Nathan McGough (former Happy Mondays manager
–  Alexis Petridis and Sian Pattenden (journalists)
– Vaughan Oliver  (record sleeve designer)
– James Endeacott (formerly of Rough Trade Records)
– Jeff Barrett (founder of Sony BMG subsidiary record label 1965 Records, Heavenly Recordings’)
– Alan McGee (Creation Record’s)
– Richard King (indie music author)

The first part of this 3 part documentary titled “The DIY Movement” airs tomorrow at 10pm on BBC Four and throughout the series there will be exclusive interviews from well established artists in the indie genre including Pauline Black from The Selecter, Carl Barat and Echo and the Bunnymen, a few of the artists we’ve worked with here at Essential Music and Marketing.

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To read more about the series head over to BBC Four website and tune into BBC iPlayer to stream after broadcast.

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