Twitter Webinar on how to #TweetSmarter!


Last week we watched a Twitter webinar with the best tips and tricks on how to tweet smarter when working with Twitter Ads. We’ve put together a few notes to share these useful hints to help people get the most out of their advertising campaigns on Twitter!

4 essential tips for tweeting smarter when using Ads:

  • Keep tweet copy text short
  • Use photos and videos
  • Engage with users – Twitter is a conversational platform so re-tweeting and hashtags are all important for being part of the discussions
  • Use website cards to drive traffic

Before setting up a twitter advert campaign, it’s important to:

  • Think about campaign mission
  • Create value proposition
  • Set an objective
  • Define your metrics for success
  • Get organised e.g. planning budgets or outsourcing developer resources

With twitter ads, you can now target over 200 global markets, so getting these key features correct is important to optimising your ad for the right target audiences.When using website cards to drive traffic to your website, different tips are recommended for use with images, calls to action and the tweet copy text itself.


  • Use associations within the images as users will recognise these brands and will be more likely to engage with the ad. For example, if tweeting about bands touring, add image of the band at the venue/festival


  • Make sure to match call to action to desired action. What is it that you want the person to do? E.g ‘Read More’, ‘Learn More’, ‘Download Now’, ‘Buy Now’ etc…
    Be specific to gain the most out of the call to action buttons that will appear on the ad.


  • Convey a sense of urgency e.g. give people a reason to take immediate action drive traffic to your website
  • Minimise distractions. Don’t use too many handles or hashtags, as you want the main focus of the ad to be the image, call to action and the tweet copy text itself. If you use too many handles and hashtags, user might be driven to click on these instead of clicking through to the desired destination of the advertiser.
    Stats showed that ads with less handles and hashtags in the tweet copy gained more clicks through to the website.
  • Ask questions! Twitter is a conversational tool so by asking users questions it will drive them towards your advert and make them walk to click through to the destination.

Key things to take away when setting up a twitter ad campaign:

  • Start off with clear goals and keep audience in mind.
  • Make the most of your tweets and website cards elements
  • Experiment and test! Set a minimum of 4 tweets per campaign, twitter will then optimise and display the highest performing ads. Each tweet should have the same image and call to action, but experiment with different text ideas for the tweet copy to see which works best when targeting this type of audience.

For more information visit:

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