Apple Music: subscriber figures revealed


In an interview with USA Today, Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, announced yesterday that Apple Music has already attracted 11 million subscribers.

We’re thrilled with the numbers so far“, Eddy Cue added

Apple Music launched in June 30th this year, and in a bold move that was highly criticised, offered a 3 months trial period for all subscribers, free of charge. Thanks to the pressure of the independent music community, Apple agreed that royalties couldn’t be waived throughout that period, and offered an updated agreement to its music providers.

Because of the controversy generated by the trial period, and some technical glitches with the service, it seemed Apple Music wasn’t off to the best start. However, the recommendations and discovery features keep gaining them supporters and here at Essential we think that Apple has come up with an innovative product, that offers much needed human curation on top of a flawless streaming service, and we are glad to hear that so many subscribers also agree.

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