Apple Music Connect: Content Guidelines

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One of the new, most attractive features on Apple Music is Connect. Connect is your channel to communicate with all of your artists’ fans worldwide on Apple Music and iTunes.

We wanted to share some content guidelines, provided by Apple, for you to make the most of Connect.

If you’ve got any questions or need help creating a profile, please contact your Essential label manager.

You can also read through this Connect FAQ on Apple’s website:

Connect: Music is about connection. Connection to your fans. Connection to your art. Connection to the world. Easily share new music, updates, videos, and photos, and genuinely connect with your global fan base in an instant.

What Works:

Whether professionally produced or simply recorded with your iPhone or Android device, you can share audio files of up to 120 minutes and video of up to 10 minutes. Same goes for audio or video that you made in iMovie, GarageBand, and most other video and audio apps. Just use a file format that’s compatible with your iPhone. All you need to do is to get it on your iOS device (you can record content on your Mac, PC, or Android device but you can only upload to Connect from iOS).

Audio Recommendations:

Your audio doesn’t have to be long. You can send us anything that’s between 10 seconds and 120 minutes.

When you finish recording a song, just save it in the standard M4A file format (with the AAC codec) or in the MP3 file format. We care about the sound quality as much as you and your fans do, so keep the bitrate of your recording at least at 256 kbit/s and the sample rate at 44.1 kHz. Or, send us a lossless audio recording for a high-quality encode, as long as it’s less than 2 GB in size.

If you’re using the Voice Memo app on your iPhone to record the audio, you’ve already met those guidelines and are good to go.

Video Recommendations:

As a general rule, if you used your iPhone to record the video, you’re ready to share it as long as it’s between 10 seconds and 10 minutes.

If you recorded your video with another device, use an app such as Final Cut Pro to save it as an M4V or MP4 file (with the H.264 codec). Slo-Mo videos or videos with more than 30 fps aren’t supported. Make sure it’s not larger than 2 GB.

When it comes to resolution, bigger is better. We accept videos in HD, so your fans can see your video at all its glory. Don’t make it stamp-size.

Photos Recommendations:

Photos have to be in the JPG or PNG file format and can’t be larger than 15 MB. GIFs and TIFFs aren’t supported.

Uploading Content:

Sharing your ideas, songs, photos, and videos is easy. All you need is an iPhone or iPod touch.
 Uploading Your Content

  • Start off by tapping the New Post button in the top-right of the Connect tab in Apple Music.
  • Add a message or tap the + button if you want to post a video, photo, or Soundbite. You can also post links to articles, websites, and more. Find videos and photos in your photo library and songs in your music library. You can also record Soundbites directly from your microphone.
  • For audio and video, add a title. You can also include a text description, a cover image, and, for songs, a song type. Keep in mind that the title you give your content is how users will be able to search for it, so be descriptive.
  • You can attach your audio or video content to an album by tapping Attach to Album at the bottom of the page and selecting the album.
  • If you’re in a band or support multiple artists, choose the profile you want to post to.
  • Finally, tap Post to share with your fans.
  • Once you’ve uploaded, you can create an embeddable player for any website—just visit Share Playlists, Albums, Songs from AlbumsHave a playlist, album, music video, or song you’re loving? You can easily share it with your fans. Find the album, music video, or playlist in search and tap the three dots (···) on the right side and tap Post to Apple Music. Or, from an album, playlist, or music video page, simply hit the Share button. Add your message and share it with your followers in Connect.

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