Playlists and Curation of Content

Playlists, and perhaps more importantly Curation, is becoming increasingly important in the world of streaming. It is a great way to develop the presence of your artist or label on Spotify and other streaming services, and can offer a new and engaging way to communicate with fans, beyond the traditional marketing tools.

Here are 2 basic suggestions for playlists that artists and labels can create to make a start:

Artist catalogue playlist:

Create a playlist that contains all of an artists’ catalogue, even if it is on different labels. Brand the playlist with a nice image and add a message that tells users that all new material from the artist will always be added as soon as it’s released. It’s you or your artists responsibility to add new content as soon as it’s available each time. This means that all a fan has to do is follow that playlist and they will be certain to always hear everything, without having to make a lot of effort. Additionally, when marketing your new material, instead of linking through to the single product you can now link to this playlist, inspiring new fans to explore the rest of the artist’s catalogue. Perfect.

Current Favourites:

This is a basic but easy way to get an artist engaged with the service. Curation is the key to streaming and the artist is a valued and respected curator in the eyes of their fans. However this kind of playlist requires regular attention. Content needs to be added and removed at a relatively consistent rate. Spotify advise that playlists should generally be added to no more than once a week and certainly no less than once a month. As with the artist playlist, branding and messaging is important. If the fan is told that this playlist will be regularly updated then you have to make sure it is. If done properly this can be a great way to increase your artist follower numbers and engage fans.

Remember, every playlist you create needs to be marketed properly. There is no point making amazing playlists if you don’t tell anyone about them. There are easy share buttons on the streaming services so make sure you get the message out there!
Here is a more in depth guide to playlist creation from the experts:

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